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As Canada’s Career Matchmakers, Campbell, Edgar has over 25 years of expertise in identifying, attracting and evaluating highly qualified candidates across Canada. We match the most appropriate candidate to the organization and the position, which will save you time, disappointment, and increase your productivity by ensuring that every position we work on is filled appropriately and permanently with the best available in the marketplace.

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Superior Expertise in Identifying, Attracting & Evaluating Qualified Candidates

The actual costs of in-house recruiting for a new hire are generally hidden in day to day operational budgets, and are usually not fully considered. But for those who take the time to analyze the real costs incurred to advertise for, find, screen, select, interview and ultimately process a new hire in terms of hours expended, are shocked when they tally the final amount — both in financial terms as well as the reduced productivity levels of the management team throughout the process.

With years of experience from both the user and the vendor side of the retail business, we built our company vision based on what we had wanted as clients and what our clients tell us they want from their staffing vendors.