Retained & Contingency Search Options

For permanent management recruitment, our fees are a percentage of the first year’s annual salary of the successful candidate. If it is anticipated that the first year’s salary will include an element of pay for performance (bonus, commission, etc.), this will be factored into the first year’s anticipated salary at a level that is agreeable to both parties. We offer both retained and contingency search options.

For permanent hourly paid staff, the fee is a flat dollar rate based on the skills and experience required for each project.

For temporary hourly paid staff, the fee is an hourly rate that includes their rate plus all wage burden costs (CPP, EI, WorkSafe BC, plus a small administration fee to manage the entire process).

Our rates vary depending on the level of service and experience of the workers you require for each situation. We aim to provide exactly the services each client requires at reasonable and competitive rates.

Unbundling of Our Services

No business is immune to budgetary and staffing challenges these days, so we have created a new offering that will give you almost unlimited options for locating, assessing and hiring the top performers you need to push your business forward.

By unbundling our full professional recruitment process, you can now pick and choose only the elements of our services that you need, while staying within your financial budget. (Of course, if you prefer, we’ll still be happy to provide you with our full service recruitment process for your permanent staffing needs!)

Applicant Screening

We manage the process of reviewing all the applications you receive, then identify and conduct screening interviews with interested applicants for you. No direct recruiting (headhunting) is done on our part on this basis (you select one or more areas below for us to facilitate).

The options:

  • Receiving and recording inbound resumes as a result of your various ads and marketing initiatives, and screening them against your criteria for appropriateness for the position.
  • Conducting preliminary telephone interviews using your criteria, with the most suitable candidates.
  • Conduct in-person behavioral interviews with the most promising individuals (45 minutes minimum). Prepare candidate summaries for each candidate and submit them to you for review.
  • Arranging interview times with your management representative and each candidate.
  • Inform unsuccessful applicants.

Reference Checking

We conduct in-depth reference checks of potential employees. We tailor the questions and reporting to suit your needs. Reference checking can be done on any potential employee across North America. Written reference reports are delivered to you within 24 hours of interviewing the reference, and include both subjective and objective information.

Background & Criminal Checks

We can arrange and manage the process of candidate background checks. Cost is dependant of type of check requested and would be pre-approved by you before proceeding.

Other Flexible Staffing Options to Consider…

Temporary Staff

Use our high caliber, reliable staff for a specific projects such as Christmas or to cover vacations and peak business time periods. All our temp staff are pre-screened, referenced and tested before they are assigned to our clients. Your billed rate is an hourly rate that includes their pay rate plus all wage burden costs (CPP, EI, WorkSafe BC), plus a small administration fee to manage all the process.

Notably, our clients find that it is up to 35% more cost effective to use our staff for their peak staffing needs than to hire and maintain their own additional workers.

Evaluation Hires – Temp-to-Permanent Staffing

Some of our clients take advantage of our Evaluation Hire program that offers their organization the opportunity to “test drive” a new employee for an extended period of time before committing to hire, as well as offering a substantial savings on the placement fee.

Those employees – whom we recruit specifically for you, or chosen in the unbundled process described above, stay on our payroll as temporary workers until you make the decision to hire permanently. For those employees that we recruited for you, there is a declining fee scale payable based on amount of time they stayed on our payroll.

Employee Leasing & Payroll Service

This option has us take over all the paperwork and government remittances for any staff (yours or ours!) that you use. We pay the staff weekly and invoice you once per week for the hours that they work. We handle all the T4 slips, ROEs, government and WorkSafe BC remittances, etc.

Further Information

Payroll Processing

We pay staff weekly by cheque or direct deposit.

Government Payments

We pay all remittances for all provincial requirements.


Our clients are protected by our excess liability insurance policies on all our temporary employees. In addition, we adhere to stringent health and safety policies and fully comply with WorkSafe BC regulations.


Credit and automatic debit is available for temporary and payroll services. Visa and MasterCard accepted.